Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back on track

Hi everyone !

I'm really sorry for the lack of posting this past 3 weeks. Thanks for the new followers!

Anyway, I'm going to tell you why I did not post anythig. 

I started a juice fast, it was not really successful, but that's not the point. So 6 days into my juice fast, I started to feel pain in my lower abdomen. I thought it was because of my not-so-healthy diet, so I didn't say anything. Then the pain became really horrible. I never felt something like that before. I passed out, and the following events are a blur. I ended up at the hospital for a week. Why? Ruptured corpus luteum cyst. I lost a lot of blood. And the doctor told me I was lucky that someone was with me when I colasped.
Anyway after that week at the hospital, my mom stayed with me at my flat for another week.
I think you can guess that those 2 weeks weren't good for my weight, all the more given that I was fasting just before. It could have been worse, and if a few pounds is the price for being alive, I'm not complaining.

But I still feel ashamed of  those few pounds, so the next time I tell you my weight will be when those few pounds will be gone. I think I can do it in 1,5-2 weeks.

And thanks to Another girl, I might be an inspiration to you, but it's your comment that told me to move my ass and get back on track too. I was really feeling down, and not thinking of my weight untill two hours ago, so really a big thank you to you! (and btw, I think you have a really beautiful body)


  1. Oh my God - so scary. Glad you're okay. I was wondering where you went. Hope you're feeling a little better. Just focus on your health. If you need to eat more for your body to heal, obviously that's way more important than a couple of pounds.

    I love your pictures btw. Beautiful aesthetics, beautiful girls.

  2. Wow, I'm glad you're doing better now! Don't worry about that needed to get better and now you can continue your journey.