Sunday, March 27, 2011

Recap of the week !!!

Weight: 137lbs

Monday: 145.2
Tuesday: 143.8
Wednesday: 140.8
Thursday: 138.8
Friday: 138.6
Saturday: 138.2
Sunday: 137
- 93cal

I ate about 1854cal. The guy in Superzise VS Superskinny would say "undereat of 6 days a week". Damn that's scary !!!!

Maybe I'm going to eat a banana later tonight, I'm really hungry, and I got some pretty bad hunger pains right now.
It was a really good week, at least for my weight. Remember Wednesday, one and a half week ago? I didn't want to tell you how much I weighted? Well, I was at 148! So I  lost 11 pounds in 10 days. But the first few pounds were actually water (bloating) weight I think.
I never tought I could lose so much in so little time! 

Now, I'm sure everyone is wondering what I did this weekend ;) 
Saturday, I watched Spongebob, again. And I ate 180g of Spongebob's house (ananas)
Today, I watched Spongebob, again. And I ate 190g of Spongebob's house (ananas)

Btw, my foot is feeling so much better, just a sharp pain from time to time. It might not have been a stress fracture after all! stupid doctor...

Now schedule for the next week. 
I have 4 bananas (or maybe 3) and 4 apples left untill next wednesday. I think I'll try to eat more. And I will also try to eat my pizza and my french toats. I'm not giving up on them lol.
Monday: 2 bananas and 1 apple
Tuesday: 2 apples and 1 banana
Wednesday: (1 banana) and 1 apple. And maybe french toats, but no purging!

I still don't know for the rest of the week, I'll tell you after the grocery shopping in 3 days.

And thanks for all the very appreciated comments, and new followers!!


  1. Oh my gosh that's great! I'm go glad for you, I wish I could lose 11 lbs in 10 days. And I love that pic of Spongebob, so cute. :3

  2. Oh, thank you so much, now I feel a lot better! I felt like such a failure.. I would have been really pissed if I did'nt eat for 3 days and gained :P

    Yeah, Pringles taste really good.. But I did'nt even want them, lol. I hate this eat-if-you-can habit of mine..

    11 pounds in 10 days.. God, your awesome!

  3. you've done so well! well done but be careful and take care x

  4. That weight loss is fantastic (:

  5. Oh man, I wrote a huge comment and my computer logged me out so I've got to try again!

    I love dancing in my underwear, I may have to do this again sometime soon- it's been too long lol.
    And I want some pineapple but as you called it Spongebob's house I'm glad we don't have any :( I'd feel bad for eating his house lol.
    Wow, 11 lbs in 10 days?! That's good but I'm going to say what an♥nym♥us said - "be careful" :) xx

  6. Wow that's an amazing loss!
    Haha I love dancing in my underwear, but only on empty days :)
    Stay strong (and safe),
    Lottie x

  7. You had a very successful week! I am glad your foot is feeling better!!! I am proud of you and You inspire me!!! Keep thinking thin, my love!!

  8. That is an awesome loss! Great job! I love underwear dancing : )

  9. bahahhahhahaa lolll i love that guy dancing! lol but omfg! 11lbs in 10 days?!?!? well thats just amazing!! i wish my body did that. lol but geeez, thats really great, but make sure u keep it off girl! keep it up and stay beautiful

  10. yeeeeey I love Spongebob :D and I did the same last weekend..Spongebob marathon ;))
    congratulations for your weight loss and stay strong :)