Monday, February 14, 2011

Recap of 14/02/11

France, 9:00pm

Weight: 146.2lbs

-nothing, I was sleeping

-1 mango (100)
-1 slice of bread with 200g of green beans (70)

- 3 1/2 Cereal Bars (255)

-1/2 mango (50)
-some green beans(50)

That makes about 500kcal for today.
I didn't exercised, but I fast walked for an hour and a half.

I didn't binge or purge yesterday, I'm kinda proud of myself. And I didn't purge after eating the cereal bars, even if I was really close to.

fuck, fuck, fuck!!!!!! Fait chier j'en ai trop marre!!!!!!

I binged. I binged ON FUCKING MANGOS!!!!!!!!
I'm so tired. I want to purge. I promised myself that I won't see my vomit this week. So I won't I won't I won't I won't I won't I won't I won't I won't I won't I won't I won't I won't I won't I won't I won't I won't.

It was only 2 mangos, I only stopped because there wasn't any left in my bedroom. I couldn't go in the kitchen, my flatmate was in there and I was shaking and crying too
I hate myself, I'm so weak.

And it's only monday.


I won't purge


  1. Walking fast for an hour is exercise in my book! haha.


  2. Yeah, that totally counts as exercise to me too!

    I don't understand what it's like to have bulimia. I try to be encouraging when I comment on the blogs of people who are struggling with it, but I don't want to sound judgmental about something I don't know anything about. It sounds like you're really trying to stop, so keep trying!!!!

    Here's a link from K's post about it - she really made me think that there are some problems that are worse than my trials and tribulations

    (I hope it's okay to link other people's posts like this - let me know if it's not.)