Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm so bored

France, 3pm.

I know, I said I would start my diary monday (well, actually I implied it by saying 'see you all on monday'...) but I'm so boooooooooooooooored.

10am, Woke up, then fell right back asleep.
12:39pm, Woke up, for real. Then I saw a puddle on my bedroom floor. I thought it was water (there was barely any lights on) I put some toilet papers on it (I always have toilet papers in my room). I fed the cat, took a shower, cleaned the bathroom.
1:30pm, Walked back into my bedroom, switching on the light. 

It wasn't a puddle, and it wasn't water.

So what was it?

To understand, let's go back to last night, before I start this blog.

I binged, so I had to purge. Actually it wasn't bingeing, it was eating like a 'normal' human being, = two slices of bread, and a bowl of half lentils, half mached potatoes. First time I purge after eating so little.
I couldn't take a shower, it was nearly 12am, or put the music on (my flatmate would have killed me). So instead I put on a movie (10000bc), took a plastic bag, and did what I had to do. Then I closed it, and put it in a little cardboard box. All was perfect.
But then, I started throwing up again.( I try not to barf everything, so I keep at least something for my body to go on). So I threw up, but not in the plastic bag, on it, in the carboard box. Untill I had nothing left inside me. I didn't wanted to, but I couldn't stop it. (seems now I don't even need my fingers to vomit)
I watched the movie, brushed my teeth, tried to sleep, started this blog, tried to sleep, trolled the internet,tried to sleep...
I think you guessed what was on my bedroom floor. Haha, the power of vomit. It will destroy a cardboard box.

I'll try not to purge this week, I think my body needs a break.

1:30pm, Cleaned my bedroom (still in my towel). Then put on some clothes.
2pm, Weighted myself: 147.8lbs
2pm to 3pm, On the internet. I ate a mango, 2 carrotes and 10g of Country crisp chunky nuts, drank a coffee and green tea. (100+20+50+20=190kcal)
Then I pooped. It was "un petit caca". I like pooping. It makes me happy.
3pm to 3:30pm, Danced around my room like crazy.
3:30pm to now, Writting this post, drinking tea, peeing, dancing, watching thinspo pictures...

What an exciting day so far...

Btw, is my english okay?

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  1. English is my second language too - I try my best, but I think my errors are a lot less adorable than yours, which are so... french. I wouldn't have noticed it you hadn't said anything.