Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recap of 16/02/11

France, 10:30pm

Weight: 144.2lbs

-1/2 mango (50)
-peas (20)
-2 rice cakes with tomatoes (90)

-2 slices of bread/2 rice cakes with red pepper pâté (250)

-annanas (20)

-massive binge.
Bread, rice cakes, peppers, peas, lentils, mached potatoes, tomatoes, butter, chickpeas...
Then I barfed untill I saw pieces of annanas
I don't know how many calories it makes, I didn't vomit everything.
I'm not very mad, angry or anything... just really tired. I don't really care anymore.

So, about 430kcal+??? for today.

I'm okay with it if I show a gain tomorrow. I did ate a lot, I binged, and yesterday I lost more water that fat.
I deserve it anyway.


  1. Your binge is still very healthy!
    So you shouldn't feel so bad about it.

  2. I actually envy your binge. I ususally binge on everything that is high calorie. But for you I see a lot of vegies. So that is still way better then cookies, cakes and whatnot.

    Best wishes and stay strong!

  3. I agree with the other comments. That's pretty healthy food. You shouldn't feel bad about eating stuff like that.

    Have you struggled with bulimia for a long time? Is there anything you've tried before (treatment, different diet, etc.) that helped you with it?