Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sleeping sickness

France, 5am

I didn't sleep at all, didn't even try to. 

The only thing bothering me more that my EDs is my insomnia, and what comes with it.
I lay in my bed, and sleep just won't come, even if I am so tired I can't keep my eyes open, my brain just won't close. 

Yesterday I had to wait 8am to fall asleep, only to wake up every half hours untill I gave up at 11am.

And today my classes start at 8am, so I didn't see the point of even trying.

When I talk about it, poeple don't realise how "hurting" it is to not be able to sleep. They don't get it. I barely do.
Sometimes I don't want to sleep, and sometimes I can't wake up even with seven alarm clocks.

Anyway, I need to take my daily shower. Maybe I'll weight myself today, or maybe not. I still feel bad about my 'mango bingeing' (je suis trop pathétique...I still can't believe I binged on mangos)


  1. I know how it is, darling. It is horrible to just toss around the bed for all of the night not being able to just float away in that luxurious sleep. But there are times when I do fall asleep and then I hear absolutely nothing. Not even my parents breaking down the door, since they couldn't get in. Maybe you should try some homeopathic medicines for sleep?

    Good luck :)

  2. Hey...binging on mangos isn't nearly as bad as binging on pizza or cake!!