Monday, July 25, 2011

Lemonade diet

So, couldn't resist binging and purging. I ate everything in kitchen that was vegan, meaning spaghettis, bananas and nuts. That was a dull binge, and I didn't purge all the spaghettis, I don't know why, but that's the only food that never want to come up :/

Anyhow, starting tomorrow, I'm doing the lemonade master cleanse. But with two breaks, saturday and sunday because my brother want to try an indian and then a japanese restaurant.

I am not going to fail this one! I know that I never succeed at  anything I said so far, bit I will this time, I swear!


  1. Good luck I will definately be cheering you on!
    I actually find the lemonade to be quiet tasty but i hate the salt water flush!

  2. You're strong. It's okay. You'll do fine.

    Give us details on how the lemonade diet it please.

  3. were all behind you! your strong you can totally make it to the end.
    when your feeling weak just remember what it feels like to fail (if youve ever failed) that feeling is hideous!
    Much love and good luck! xxx

  4. Best of luck with the master clense! I'm sure you can do it :)
    Stay strong,
    Lottie x

  5. *lemonade diet
    Sorry, I've just woke up :P

  6. OMG YES SHE IS SKINNY! She've even gained weight while I've lost (skill skinny though)! I didn't even think about that being a reason! If it's her reason for being a total bitch her "plan" backfired, making me feel bad only makes me want to eat less..

    I'm sorry about your rat, and your purging! :/ And totally jealous of the guy thing.. I want them to notice me too!