Thursday, July 14, 2011

La prise de la Bastille

I've just came back from a party to celebrate "la prise de la bastille".
I think I dance like a fucking whore.

tell you more tonight, or tomorrow. partying again starting in 13 hours.

can't remember calories, strawberies, a coffee, grappes and pickles, 4 pringles, 40cal of mango, and some fruits. I would say around 350cal. And then there was half a medium bottle of cider, a little bit of cola and another half of a drink but can't remember what it was. 400cal ??

But that's okay, there was a lot of dancing. 


  1. I wish I danced like a whore! :O I bet you dance in a lovely manner.. Dancing is the best. Especially when um, intoxicated.


  2. Oh, I've missed you so much! LOVE the dance like a whore, haha!

  3. Giraffe, haha! I'm not THAT tall :D And it was hard work! Hope I reach my goal of 60 kg by the end of the year, I've lost half but I've heard the last couple of kg is the hardest to lose..

    Yeah.. I like to do it the safe way, if I dont eat all day it's a little less of a fuck up if I eat a little to much at dinner. At least it feels that way :P

  4. Yay, so glad you're back!

    It's okay, I dance like a whore too : )