Thursday, June 28, 2012

Well...'s not fucking good.
I went to my friend's house to get the stuff I left there 3 months ago. And my scale.
And I really really really don't like the numbers I'm seeing.

I gained 17 fucking pounds.

Putain de merde d'enculé d'sa mere! Fais chier!!


I am so done eating. Today I had some bread and jam, and a bag of cherries. It's about 400calories I think. I walked for 5 hours, and I plane to do some pole dancing, like every nights.

I need to lose at least 10 pounds in two weeks.

You know what's strange? My clothes from 3 months ago still fit me.


  1. Didn't think we would see you here again :) Wb :)

    1. yeah, u can't really get away from eating disorders that easely lol and i really need to get things of my chest, but i can't really talk to someone in real life, so i'm back^^

  2. just started following u and we srsly have almost the same stats! and problems lol...hmm...maybe u gained a lot of the weight in muscle? since ur clothes still fit:) well good luck with the weight loss!

  3. Haha swearing in french can sometimes be more meaningful than in english ^^

    Courage ! Souviens toi que tu n'es pas seule !

    LOVE xX

  4. Hey, I've just started reading your blog,
    I'll look forward to reading more,

    Much love ,