Friday, June 29, 2012

Well, I guess it could be worse.

 I am 143.2 lbs

I can't believe I'm back in the 40's. By Monday I better be out of it.

Anyway, I almost binge today. By the way, yesterday I didn't binge and purge, I'm so pride of myself, first time in months. But back to today. I went for a walk, and I ended up in front of M&S. Fuck, I ate a vegan samosa. 

So I told myself, what's the point, let's eat all the food!

But I didn't. I spend 1h30 putting food in the bag, then I removed them, and put other stuffs in, then not. In the end I quickly grab some vegetables and rice noodles, payed and run out of the shop.

That was close. And if someone was watching the security camera video, they must what a nutcase.

I'm not eating more today. I had some soup 150, the famous samosa 230 and a bag of fruit 70. So 450 calories for today.


  1. lol I do that with food mostly candy all the time. I will pick it up pack it around read the lable go put it back get something else pack it around lol...Hope you reach goal by monday good luck

  2. Congrats for not bingeing and purging!
    I wish I was in the 40's. I actually miss being there compared to where I am now.
    Hope you have a good weekend:)

  3. Hi. I'm fine. I guess. How about you?

  4. lol, I do that still and OFTEN..
    My husband gets really frustrated when we go shopping for food - so now we make a list and only stick to list or he goes alone..