Friday, December 16, 2011

Good start

Hi girls!
Thanks for your lovely comments. I don't really see me as someone strong. It's just that life is too short for complains and regrets.

So today I had:

-2 coconuts biscuits: 106
-2 Smoothie Fruits, 3-Ounce Pouches: 108
-1 coffee: 5
-1/2 little apple: 25
-1 coconuts biscuit: 53
-1 coffee: 5
-1 baby banana: 40
-10 pickles: 10
-200g of carrots and fine beans + 2 potatoes + 2 mushrooms + 2 tsp of olive oil:  200

So 552, but let's just say 600! And no binging today!!!!
This is so great! This is so amazing. I have been b&p everyday since September, at least 3 times a day.  Everyday I was telling myself "it's the last time"... and I finally did it! 'little victory dance'
I even cooked a healthy dinner... it was delicious! I just need to get ride of the biscuits and the smoothie fruits, because they are not that good and full of sugar, I will try to replace them with fresh fruits once I eat them all^^ don't want to waste food by throwing them away. 

Ahhh! I feel so good and proud of myself right now!


  1. Yay, well done! That's so great :)
    Fresh fruit is definitely better, but I hate throwing food out too!
    Lottie x

  2. You should feel proud, you didn't binge :D xx

  3. haha thanks for the comment. I'm glad my cooking looks good enough to make someone hungry, but sorry for making you hungry :P

    Nice job on not bingeing as well. I'm just getting out a bingeing bender after refeeding myself, so a non-binge day is always worth the celebration.

    I also hate wasting food, but fruit is definitely a better option, and is much more filling and nutritious.

  4. I'd been purging in the past for a quite long period, but then i stopped because I was starting to get i prefer to count calories and doing my daily workout :P
    I really like your blog so I'm following you, hope you'll follow back (the english version of my blog). Stay stron, kiss
    Jay :)

  5. And you SHOULD be proud! :) And YEY for you being back!

    Well.. Yeah, he is. But I keep telling him it's okay as long as I dont purge and that I will raise my intake when I'm done. And that I feel a lot better now than I did before. I think he appreciates the weightloss (I'm at a "normalweight") but he keep bitching me about me not going to the doctor about my hairloss. He's just worried I dont get enough vitamins and stuff, I dont think he relate it to an ED.

    How about your brother?